The Competition


The Competition


Here's how it works:

  1. Each run is approximately 6 miles.
  2. Shell officials measure the energy used in each run.
  3. This measurement is used to calculate your efficiency.
  4. The team that achieves the highest efficiency wins.

In our category (Battery-Electric):

  1. Our energy is measured by a device that integrates the voltage and current running through our motor.
  2. Our efficiency is measured in the units 'miles per kilowatt-hour'.

Each run consists of several laps around the track.  With this year's track being .6 mi long, our driver will needed to complete 10 laps.

The Detroit track, right outside the Cobo Convention Center

The Detroit track, right outside the Cobo Convention Center

The track changes periodically; previously the track was in downtown Houston. It is now in Detroit.  Motor city here we come!

we have to meet  all of these requirements

  • Safety: Includes aftermarket high-decibel horn, 5-point safety harness, and fire extinguisher.
  • Technical: Includes battery management system, custom motor controller, and emergency shut-off system.
  • Mechanical: Includes strength-tested rollbar, emergency release doors, and hydraulic disk-brakes.

Our Team: Has to pass a safety course

Our Driver: Has to pass a skills course

Our Car: Has to pass a technical inspection

While our ultimate score is only dependent on our performance in the competition,

there are several off-the-track awards for the teams who best meet the requirements above.

Goal Zero

Shell and Duke Electric Vehicles both strive to maintain a safe working environment, which means a goal of ZERO accidents or safety incidents.  With the proper training, safety equipment, and sense of responsibility, we can all achieve Goal Zero.